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  1. Trickay

    Forum war?

    I would reply to that comment but since I've spent about three months reading the thing I'll refrain... I'm going to go, Dark.
  2. Trickay

    Hatsuyuki Sakura - Because 「ぴゃー!!」

    Amazing! Now I'm evening more interested.
  3. Trickay

    What are you playing?

    Will do Tsukishiro. Amane was my first route, I was drawn in by the udders... So far her back story is my favourite.
  4. Trickay

    What are you playing?

    I know I dissappeared overseas and had many weeks without Internet but this was the one thread I thought wouldn't shrivel up and die... Still reading Grisaia, finished Amane, Yumiko and Michiru's routes. Makina next, saving Sachin / best for last. That said I'm a little squimish at the thought of the Makina route since she acts and looks like a child... Maybe I have the wrong hobby for this kind of comment? I'm playing the Denpasoft version through fear of missing all those lovely inappropriate innumerable innuendos!
  5. Trickay

    Hatsuyuki Sakura - Because 「ぴゃー!!」

    A bit of a necropost but thanks for the the awesome write up Tamaki, I would no doubt be interested in this. I'm assuming Pyaaa is on par with Tuturuuu?
  6. Got to keep the hilarious innuendos, in most cases they're the only thing that keeps some VNs light.
  7. I know I'm cross pollinating genres here, but is it anything like (if you've seen it) Denpateki na Kanojo?
  8. Trickay

    Gore Screaming Show

    Awesome, now I'm very much interested.
  9. Trickay

    Gore Screaming Show

    Someone very clever once recommended I read Saya no Uta, and I absolutely loved it! Does this VN have a similar vibe?
  10. Trickay

    Hello World!

    Yeah I love having my tablet, only problem is I cannot use it how I would like on a plane with the countries I travel too for work. I usually just end up reading a book instead, or watching real TV. Fanless 1080p tablets ftw!
  11. Trickay

    Hello World!

    Thought I should finally set aside 2 minutes to write an introduction, but I'm too lazy so will just copy paste some bits. I'm going to openly admit I entered the world of VNs via Gibo in 2004/05 when I went to University. I went through my fair share of 'dodgey' VNs always returning to Gibo addemant that I would make the right choices to have both the step sister and step mother, but unfortunately I never did. I'm not so much ashamed but wish I hadn't spent quite so much time on Hongfire reading all the fap material all those years ago... I would say I legitimately got back into VNs with Fate Stay Night after watching FSN Zero around 2012, the release of this series reignited the bashing of the old FSN Deen adaptation on ANIDB. So after reading all the anime hate I decided to give the VN a go, and I'm so glad I did! But my constant reading only really took of in 2016 when I finally got myself a Windows Tablet, as I travel a lot with work. Besides there's nothing better than reading on a sofa with a nice cuppa tea!
  12. Trickay

    What are you playing?

    Heavy MLA ending spoilers, don't read unless you've played:
  13. Trickay

    Your boy coming in hot

    Ditto, I often find myself googling some. People have too much free time on their hands! That or I just getting too old to keep up...
  14. Trickay

    What are you playing?

    I've also finally taken the plunge with Grisaia and am really enjoying it, even though nothing has really happened yet it's immensely fun to read. Yuuji is awesome! Have you made it past chapter 7 yet? Such an amazing ride from there, I just couldn't put the VN down, to the point that I was pretending to go to bed early just to get as much reading time in as I could!