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  1. Yeah virgin, can you take that toxicity back to fuwanovel please? nekonyan is my safe space now
  2. Seriously though, I'd recommend Bee man. The reason being is that once in a lifetime you'll come across a visual novel that truly captures the history and cultural distinctions of the modern world the way a person can subjectively perceive it through the guided field of a bee's perspective. I have to admit, I had my doubts when I first learned of the VN. After all, Bee man? Will this visual novel even be good? How ignorant was I to even have these thoughts. Little did I know I was about to indulge in what may have been the best 2 hours and 21 minutes of my life. The VN started out strong. The opening scenes enticed the audience with a captivating enigma. I was so taken aback from the next-generation CGs that I almost didn't even realize the underlying symbolism in the ongoing scenes. It wasn't until my twenty sixth playthrough of the VN where I finally got my bearings together and was able to focus on the gripping and labyrinthine stratagem. The underlying themes of the determination of the bees depicted in the visual novel even though according to all laws of aviation they can't possibly lift their bodies above the ground was enlightening to say the least. Just when I thought the VN could not get any better, the increasing conflict before the climax began. I could not believe the complexity of the story as the main bee protagonist, Waspo, struggled with the everyday endeavors for a quintessential bee such as the consistent up-hill altercation of picking the choice whether to pollinate the flower or not to do so. There I was, gripping to my chair as the conflict of the VN began. I was so enticed by it that I felt as if I was both practically and relatively a part of the bees. This is a special kind of high that not even the strongest of drugs can give you. Was I part of the hive? Am I inside the hive right now? This VN will leave you questioning existential nihilism and the objective skepticism of our perceived valuation of anthropological existence. At this point in the VN, I was fully intoxicated by the avant-garde writing style. That's when the plot finally aggrandized and I was completely stupefied. You could have lived a thousand years of isolation trying to predict the plot twist and you would never even scratch the surface of what actually transpires in the actual plot of the game. I was so bewildered that I actually had to pause the VN so that my existential crisis didn't dive too deep inside of myself. Even pausing the game was surreal. It's almost as if life paused with the VN. I felt as though I had actually formed a suicide pact with someone. The effects are still wearing off and I haven't been able to reread the game in several years. I spent the following seven years afraid of what outside of my house actually looks like. Every single day and night I live in misery because I became fully aware that happiness is never achievable. I realized that human life has absolutely no meaning and that no matter what I ever do, it is of complete unimportance and in years from now, no recollection of my existence will prevail, meaning that if I died years ago, died now, or die sometime in the future it will not matter whatsoever to anyone. But, then again, the fact that I'm living doesn't matter either so I might as well stick around for awhile, living in complete isolation, condemned to a life of traumatic memories and a completely corrupted sub-conscience. Bee man literally ruined my life. 10/10
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