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  1. Rednaz

    Official discord

    Hello dear administrators of NekoNyanSoft™ Ltd. Inc. to include Mr. / Ms. Neb Neb I can confirm I was personally banned without justification from this individual's Discord server. Please gib me mod. I only ban very good reason. дуже тобі дякую.
  2. Rednaz

    Official discord

    Ah, hello, dear sir/madam! I am an individual who is most certainly not easily corrupted by internet powers......
  3. Rednaz

    More people, more fun

    Don't worry, I rated your Hello Lady request topic 5 stars. That should ensure the appropriate authorities see it!
  4. Rednaz

    Hello to everyone ~ ☆ !

    Which VN Discord is that? I would love to join one if it is okay with new members. Does this forum have one? Also, Americans are great, don't worry! [bald eagle here] Hello! Please stop calling me that Senpai... I hope we can hang out a lot too, and you get more people here too! More friends ~ ☆ !
  5. Rednaz

    Hello to everyone ~ ☆ !

    Salve! I think you don't have to worry about that, there is plenty of us, just in hiding
  6. Hi to all here! My nickname, as you can see, is Rednaz and I'm new around here. I'm pretty new to Visual Novels and I joined here based on recommendation of VirginSmasher on Reddit. I'm looking forward to hanging out with all of you and maybe having some good discussions too I'd like to make a lot of friends! As for sort of visual novels I like, I have a wide range. I am willing to try pretty much anything as long as it isn't too Japanese. PS: Sorry for my bad English, I was born in Ukraine!
  7. I respect your opinion, but, I am a new reader of visual novel genre and I think easily showing relations and being easy to pick up on isn't always a good thing. I think showing how characters relate to each other and such being shown in conversation and exposition is much better than just using honorifics or Japanese term. Of course, you may be right. I'm not very good at English so maybe I am not best qualified to talk about this.
  8. I see you have much experiences in discussion of VN, so I think this is a good reason for you to join in on the discussions that we would have here. I think it is very important that you share your knowledges and experience, especially with people like me who don't know so much. This way you can help people like me to understand better. In any case, I look forward to seeing you share your opinions. On topic of honorifics, I agree. I don't think they have a place in English translations. I am a weeb too, of course, but it is English not Japanese. There is no place or purpose for them. It is too frustrating to see them in OELVNs. I look forward to getting along with you too! Nice to meet you. Do you prefer called Mutt? Or different name?
  9. Rednaz

    Hello I'm new here nice to meet you

    Hello Juan! Buenos días! ^^ It is great to meet you here. I look forward to learning of you and of your nation, Mexico. What is a web novel? I am new to visual novel genre and I have not heard of web novel. Is this like a visual novel that is played in the web browser? Also, very cute pic! ^^ Girls of purple hair are some of best, in my opinion. Where is the girl from?
  10. Rednaz


    Hey, I'm pretty new here too, it's nice to meet you. Looking forward to hanging out on this new-ish forum and becoming one of the "OGs" someday I will make my own introduction thread soon too, if it is allowed. I notice your name is Madeileine (spelling? sorry!). Are you a girl? PS: Your profile pic is so cute!