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  1. Chaos17

    Giga's Kiss series

    I wonder if Nekonyan would like to have Partnership with Giga, considering they have so many Highschool romance VN, especially with Kiss series?? https://vndb.org/v7967 https://vndb.org/v10641 https://vndb.org/v13632 https://vndb.org/v15869 https://vndb.org/v18458 https://vndb.org/v20314 https://vndb.org/v22175 Or other Giga title that still featured Highschool setting aside from Kiss series??
  2. Chaos17

    Kenseiki Alpha Ride

    Hello everyone, i wonder if anyone would be interested in this VN?? https://vndb.org/v14325 This VN has SRPG element, so it's worth checked.
  3. Chaos17

    5 requests in no particular order

    AQUA by "Sorahane" are one of my top recommended VN released that year. +1 from me. Other than AQUA, other "Sorahane" title are quite good, like "Sakura, Sakimashita" and "Haruka Kanata".
  4. Almost all kind of games catch my interest. Right now, i'm playing AC Origins, Star Ocean TLH, SAO FB, MH World, Civilization VI.
  5. Chaos17

    Request for another Smee VN

    I wonder if Nekonyan would release another VN from Smee other than Fureraba and it's FD?? There's some VN from Smee that looks interesting and have good story, especially Making*Lovers. https://vndb.org/v2644 https://vndb.org/v16166 https://vndb.org/v19347 https://vndb.org/v21552