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  1. RisingChaos

    Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou

    It's a real gut punch that Ginharu is ded ~80% of the way through. :(
  2. RisingChaos

    Availability of physical copies

    No physical copies exist for any of their products yet. Aokana has physicals on the way from the Kickstarter campaign, not sure if those are going to be limited or if NekoNyan will have any to sell on the store later, and then Sanoba Witch was supposed to get a physical edition down the road.
  3. RisingChaos

    Aokana Mosaics

    I mean, the reward for reading a great and entertaining story is that you enjoyed a great and entertaining story. Not that I disagree with you about mosaics (although have you seen Hello,Good-bye's demosaiced scenes? hoo boy they're a new level of bad) but most visual novels are just as much about the novel part as they are the visual aspect. The actually porn-focused games are basically their own genre, compared to your typical VN where the porn is a supplement to romance or mature themes.
  4. RisingChaos

    Any news on Fureraba's extra Vita content?

    Fureraba Vita content WHEN Sanoba Witch hardcopies WHEN well, the latter we might get more news about after Aokana's release this upcoming Friday
  5. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Melty Moment was my second most anticipated title of their original crop, before I knew anything about Fureraba and how awesome it is. Sanoba Witch was the only title I'd already heard of. Shame about the mosaics, though. I disagree with the conclusions NN and Hooksoft draw that releasing a newer game will be a good idea in the long run. By what evidence do they believe Melty Moment will be a lackluster seller, and how will releasing a newer title first advantage them? Melty Moment isn't even that old -- it's the middle child of NN's original five -- and on paper it appears to have more in common with the wildly successful Fureraba (older plus by a Hooksoft subsidiary) and SW than it does the lackluster HGB. I would also think it's harder to sell the newest stuff first, and go back to sell old stuff later, than the other way around. Not that it can't be done but people get spoiled on the subtle improvements and quality-of-life additions that naturally occur over time. Expectations get raised and people get disappointed by the regression from newer to older. Additionally, it's not like any of Hooksoft's newer releases have been particularly highly rated or specifically requested by anyone here on the forums (or anywhere else for that matter), so there's no special demand to fulfill. What's the deal?
  6. That's really disappointing to hear, honestly. Edit: Specifically because I've been waiting for so long on physicals of Sanoba to start reading it.
  7. RisingChaos

    Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou

    I'm holding out hope they TL Ginharu, which already has its own request topic to boot, but yeah. We'll see about this after its JP release I suppose.
  8. If I didn't get all NN's news secondhand from Reddit, by golly I'd never know anything at all. I know it's relatively low-effort to just be posting all your news on Twitter/Facebook, because you gotta have an image and a format and might break something making an update, but it'd be nice if you dudes utilized your actual website more. Hopefully HGB sticks on Steam this time, grats. *ahem*
  9. RisingChaos

    Soi Kano ~Gyutto Dakishimete~

    There's nothing nonvanilla about ahegao, that's just someone really enjoying themselves.
  10. Or at least have a Twitter feed embedded on the sidebar or something (like MangaGamer has on theirs) so the page doesn't look like it's been abandoned. Now that I have your attention... Suki to Suki English title when?
  11. RisingChaos

    Regular Update Schedule For Project Status

    Is the supposed Vita addition stuff or whatever coming along with the fandisc content?
  12. RisingChaos

    December Announcements!

    Now if only Yuzusoft would let us have uncensored images... Until then, SUMEE will remain numero uno in my heart. Bold strategy, picking up the games the biggest English communities on the web are clamoring for and all.
  13. RisingChaos

    Blog post 12.09.2018

    Mind that a simple preorder campaign doesn't necessarily require NekoNyan to put up a Kickstarter for it and eat those fees. Kickstarter also doesn't protect the consumer at all if they don't deliver, since it's technically an investment platform. Kickstarter is a meme because it's usually used to fund the initial localization effort of licenses on top of a dozen other, only tangentially-related rewards. NN could just put it up directly on their website and take preorders like with Fureraba, except with a much longer lead-in period to allow time for sales numbers to settle and the logistics worked out, or through a company like Limited Run Games or the aforemented GMT Games which are much better suited platforms than Kickstarter for this type of focused campaign. I don't know what HGB's original engine looked like but, while it's a lot of work porting the game over to a new engine in terms of making everything look as it did in the original, there are some really unwieldy VN engines out there due to Japan being behind the curve in PC gaming and/or not originally expecting their products to be sold outside of Japan for a JP audience. I realized after looking through the old blogposts that we were promised bonus physical goods for Sanoba Witch too. So, to expand on my previous question, does the unexpected logistical difficulty and costs also mean we're not gonna get any of that? I'm personally fine with the barebones disc-in-a-DVD-case, as I prefer hardcopies simply because I'm against the "buying an access license" aspect of digital downloads on principle (regardless of all their benefits), but a lot of people want more than that and I sure wouldn't complain being upsold some cool swag myself.