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  1. RisingChaos

    Sanoba Witch wallpaper collection

    Alright, I'm checkin' 'em out. I'm a bit disappointed that we can't get full images of the lewds over desktop-sized crops, but alas I know that's likely not in your hands. On a related note, something more controllable probably, I'd really like to see 12:10 aspect ratio options at more than just the smallest size. I appreciate these images as art, not merely as functional desktop wallpapers, and hey those extra vertical pictures simply means more image for me to appreciate. I was able to compress the images down by about 15%, tsk tsk. Also, the mobile wallpaper folder is twice the size of the desktop one! As a desktop user, . (Even if I'm just using them as pure pieces of art.) Really though, who needs 4k mobile wallpapers? I suppose it doesn't hurt to be forward-thinking but I don't think even the latest smartphones have more than 1440p screens and the 4K versions are over half the total filesize. Just, you know, to be filesize-conscious for heavy phone users who might have to worry about data caps. Obviously, I appreciate them as a connoisseur. How come the sanoba_background image is only available in 1920x1080?
  2. RisingChaos

    Regular Update Schedule For Project Status

    All you gotta do is roughly estimate the progress made and punch some new numbers into the thing. It shouldn't take but a few minutes, that's hardly bothersome. At any rate, I see NEW NUMBERS.
  3. RisingChaos

    Gin'iro, Haruka

    >implying they ever were going to do it in the first place I'll already be shocked if they even get through Hoshi Ori
  4. RisingChaos

    August announcements!

    I could've sworn someone in the know said it wasn't Aokana way back, but the Hikari Field team-up pretty much sealed it along with the other prior hints. Aokana is interesting in a special way, for its fanTL woes among other things, but as far as desire to read it I'm actually more for Hello Lady.
  5. RisingChaos

    August announcements!

    I could edit my previous post but since the thread was obviously going to start fast and there's already two more following it, I figure I should make a new post to ask: Is the Fandisc already planned too, like with Fureraba from the get-go, or are you taking a wait-and-see approach with this one? Edit: Nevermind, Vita version includes FD content.
  6. RisingChaos

    August announcements!

    Hello Lady is about as well as I could've expected for the alleged chuunige we were supposed to be on watch for. I didn't expect the announcement so shortly after midnight, and the release timetable seems pretty ambitious although really what the heck do I know in that regard.
  7. RisingChaos

    Gin'iro, Haruka

    Ginharu I kind of expect is a "never ever" but it's right at the top of my list. The artwork is amazing and I'm really attracted to the sheer scope of the game's scenario. Visual novels could use a lot more marriage and children.
  8. "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all" is a good general if not imperfect rule to follow. It's better for everyone to talk about the stuff you like than bash the stuff you don't. There's no reason to purposely antagonize people, and maybe you'll even find some new buddies to discuss your favorite games with. The lowkey best part of MG's Otakon announcements was the acknowledgement of having cleared up the problem behind Chuable's licenses which means SUKISUKI SOON™. But I'm not totally down on all their stuff. I don't actually mind Otome on paper. If I'm reading eroge for the sake of romance (and sex), it doesn't actually bother me to guide a female protagonist through a cast of dudes compared to a male protag through his choice of girls. As long as the girl is cute, right? The princess game in particular, considering its developer, seems like a comedy-focused game that can be pretty equally enjoyed by both genders whose protag just happens to be female, much like FLML. It's just the matter that relatively few Otome and Yuri games have 18+ content to scratch the eroge itch. That's just my opinion though. I'm sure plenty of guys can't stand the female POV for various reasons. I wasn't all that interested in Byakko at first because I was too fixated on SukiSuki, but I probably should be if it's basically the rocket version of IMHHW. Because rockets are cooler than gliders, MG probably won't butcher the translation that takes five years for a ridiculously dedicated fandom to fix, nevermind not selling an 18+ version and Byakko doesn't have any fandiscs for MG to skip localizing. That said, I guess MG really doesn't have much in the way of what people might call "standard moege" in their pipeline right now, so I can understand your guys' pain. It hasn't been entirely abandoned, though, and I'm sure it's not lost on MG that their single best selling title is one. (I'm assuming here, but considering PE's their only top contender that has a Steam release I'd bet good money on it.) Though if you look back through their store, they've rather always provided a pretty wide variety of games. MG's 2016 didn't have an 18+ moege release at all, and their 2017 was just DC3 in January plus Dal Segno and W Happiness back-to-back midyear. This year they put out MML, there's a strong argument for Hapymaher falling under the moege umbrella, and Koropokkur is very likely to be released by year's end. If anything, they're getting better at accomodating the crowd in this topic. :P Whether or not you're interested in the individual games they're publishing is a different matter. Funny enough, after scouring VN blogs the past few days for no particular reason, I'm actually more interested in NekoNyan's licenses now. They're probably still not high on poor, old, apathetic me's priority list, but they're all on my radar now. Fureraba was a very good first impression at any rate, and if Sanoba Witch is a similarly positive experience then I'm all the more open to trusting NN's judgment on the other three games I've only recently gained interest in. Of course, I'm also eagerly awaiting the announcement... Might get buried asking here, but will Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Ren'ai be given an English title eventually? It's the only NN title that has a distinctly Japanese name.
  9. When it comes to the erotic part of eroge, I tend to look at out-of-context CG images as I do good individual fanart images. Voices usually distract me more than enhance the experience, as they tend to sound too fake and I'm not really aroused by the squeaky pitch of most Japanese VA, the dialogue is ignorable, and I'm ambivalent about music. As such, H-scenes as a whole often don't do more for me than just looking at the picture. Exceptions do exist, though. That said, as erotic materials, I'm not a big fan of doujins for various reasons. They're rarely colorized and because there's no audiovisual component, images tend to be cluttered with text which heavily detracts from me looking at the important parts of the picture. It's like playing an H-scene in a visual novel, except not only am I unable to remove the text box but there's even more writing randomly scattered all over the rest of the CG! Compared to animated hentai, VNs tend to be less heavily censored because static images can have more precise mosaics applied (and in many cases get uncensored if localized), and of course compared to ecchi stuff you get to see more blatantly naughty stuff. Compared to any text-only medium, VNs have the obvious advantage of providing pictures. In short, VNs on average do the best job of providing me erotica to my tastes, which is basically just the cleanest visual representation of attractive ladies: Doujin images tend to be cluttered in comparison, animated hentai has to dumb down character design and the censors are harsher, and more text-focused media lack images. The female body is a work of art and I simply wish to appreciate it at its most basic. VNs do it the best. That said, good art is a really big deal for me when it comes to eroge. If the dialogue and audio components are good enough to enhance my experience further, that's just a bonus. But I can ignore those if they suck, I can't ignore bad art. As a storytelling medium, VNs have their niche in between books and movies. Even when telling a linear story, VNs have some of the advantages of both as stated by Tsukishiro. VNs can describe and depict events at great length and detail like a book, while still offering AV components for maximum immersion. For instance, manga can't set the mood with fitting music. (Popular manga and light novels also tend to suffer from being dragged out ad infinitum for the money, or likewise unpopular ones get cancelled too early, rather than telling a fully realized and properly concluded story, but I digress.) VNs really shine when it comes to diverging, branching plotlines though, taking advantage of their status as computer games. The VN reader/player can be given far more control over how the story plays out compared to the static nature of most other media, not even including potential gameplay elements.
  10. If you wanna be picky and insist on a better example, since Hapymaher is new enough to not write off the FD one way or the other then IMHHW with regard to Flight Diary and Snow Presents. Or for examples where the original wasn't already butchered in localization, ef - a fairy tale of the two or all the Da Capo III stuff as OP already mentioned. At any rate, my point stands: Not localizing supplementary materials does discourage me from buying into the base game. While I can't say to what degree, bringing over a fandisc does help push sales of the original game. The would-be sales of the fandisc isn't the sole factor at play when making that decision. The actual business people probably already realize this, though.
  11. RisingChaos

    Hello Everyone

    As the only two games I've been waiting ages to throw my money at, I've paid relatively close attention to Damekoi and SukiSuki news. The latter is pretty well known to be stuck in licensing hell indefinitely, sadly. (I don't really understand why the company going bankrupt should invalidate the license MG already paid for and product they already finished localizing, but I guess that's why I'm not a businessman.) Damekoi it was offhandedly mentioned on Twitter somewhere recently that they're trying to get the localization squared up with the recently released (Feb 2018) E-mote version of the game, so I'm no longer worried about how long that one's taking. It's actually quite the happy little accident.
  12. Not knocking NekoNyan, but there's a certain amount of cozy charm and individuality that results from being a small, niche startup company compared to a large, established business. It's easier for your voice, as an individual fan, to be heard amongst dozens of other fans than it is thousands. It's easier for the people running the business to communicate both with each other and their community when it's basically a glorified group of friends compared to a massive corporation with hundreds of dudes on payroll. That's simply the logistics of business.
  13. There's many flavors of fandisc, but it disturbs me as well. Fandiscs usually aren't necessary. It's not about "need" per se. If the story or setting needs continued, that content would've been in the original game or a proper sequel would've been made. It can be a thin line and subject to some subjectivity, though. To me, it's usually more about the idea that if I really like a game, I want to be able to pour as much of my attention possible toward additional official product with those characters/setting. In that sense, a fandisc is not much different from proper sequels or even merchandise like a figure or wall scroll. Now, I'm not necessarily keen to drop large sums of money on the hottest or rarest physical swag that do nothing but look pretty in my vicinity rather than entertain me for hours on end, but that's my choice. When it comes to story stuff, something that involves language and communication, it needs to be translated (assuming I don't take up the daunting task of learning a new language at my age) or it's unintelligible to me. It's not in my power to decide if I liked the original work enough to check out an untranslated fandisc, it's simply inaccessible to me. It's that loss of consumer choice that bothers me. I understand it from the perspective of running a localization business, but it's really sad for the non-native fans of these niche works. In that manner, I'll also say that simply knowing a lot of untranslated bonus content exists for a story whose base product was localized kinda turns me off even wanting to dip my toes into the water and vice-versa. For example, I'd be hesitent right now to buy Hapymaher from MG, end up really enjoying it, then later find out they have no plans to localize the FD because it sold poorly. (Nevermind that being one of those early buyers is +1 encouragement for them to localize it.) In contrast, I jumped on Fureraba while the launch discount was still rolling in part because I was assured the mini-fandisc shortly down the road. Now back to my regularly scheduled weeping about my experience as a dirty EOP with regard to being a huge Sonohana fan. The two dozen drama CDs, Lord only knows the tokuten I don't even realize exists, the fact that the Steam fiasco with Maidens of Michael probably all but killed the chance of more Sonohana being localized...
  14. RisingChaos

    Blog post 06.30.2018 Discussion

    If you hear word of future news and expect it to be released anywhere but the end of the month when it's announced to be, you're just setting yourself up for disappointment.
  15. I already took the survey, but just to verbalize my thoughts where they are more visible (and perhaps can write more): Honorifics don't exist in English. Ideally, I would like them removed. Unfortunately, there's a lot of nuance that can be lost when dropping them that usually makes removing them unreasonable. In a similar vein, it's like reverting to calling people by their first (given) name instead of their last (family) name. That's all fine and dandy, until switching from a last-name basis to a first-name basis becomes a plot device, as can often be the case in romance VNs. (Fureraba even goes both ways with it, for example, the normal direction with Rina and the opposite with Himari, where calling her by her last name is Kyousuke's way of conveying to her that he doesn't want her to think of them as just old friends anymore.) English speakers don't start calling people by their last names when they get familiar with one another, our language doesn't have that nuance. Sometimes we might not even know each other's last names. Anyway, the same holds true of honorifics. Dropping them sometimes works, but too often it subtly alters the meaning of a sentence. There's no good English analog to senpai/kouhai, onii/onee-chan (or -sama) or imouto/otouto, playfully calling someone -chan when they're usually called by -san/-kun, etc. Verbosely trying to emulate that nuance with phrasing like "dear brother," "little sister," silly baby talk or overly formal language, and so on just makes it read awkwardly because it's not natural English, even if the words are technically correct. And now for the opinion part of little essay: I'd rather place the expectations on the reader to understand these basic tenets of Japanese culture than for the localizer to do away with them and lose that nuance. It's simply an element of Japanese speech too important and pervasive to handwave away, more so than, say, the rare text/pronunciation-based pun getting lost in translation. If you can get away with removing them without losing much (e.g. Western setting, few characters, little spoken dialogue), then yeah sure do it. But that's a big IF.