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  1. Will Making*Lovers get its fandisc translated?
  2. glupak

    Raillore no Ryakudatsusha

    Raillore no Ryakudatsusha VNDB summary: A century or more from now, all humans have acquired superpowers in this new world. These powers are such a commonplace that those who do not possess them are viewed as outcasts. Civilization has greatly declined during this time of change with the human population greatly reduced and nature reclaiming lands which had been developed. The town of Raillore, with brick dwellings reminiscent of the Middle Ages, is surrounded by forests and rivers and blessed with fertile soil. Since the concept of countries has vanished, it is self-governed by an order of knights who fight crime to protect the townspeople. One time, it was confirmed that there were people called ‘errors’ with unknown powers known as ‘moments’ which bring about strange phenomena. These events caused fear to the masses and it was up to the order of knights to deal with the situation after it was determined that the errors suddenly appeared due to an illness. Why I think this would be good for translating: It would allow nekonyansoft to branch off to a different genre of VN's than most of the games they are translating. If it's like the last game of 3rdEye(Sorcery Jokers - the only game of theirs that is translated to english) then that means it's 1080p Again if it's like their previous game the main game is focused most on the story(which wasn't bad) with additional content and routes being playable after finishing the main storyline. Good imo art. Sample CG's: Opening 1: Opening 2:
  3. glupak

    HaremKingdom by Smee

    +1 for this. Fureraba was great and I think this one will be liked as well. Making lovers was also good.
  4. In Mochizuki's route when you can decide to take her hand if you actually select that option you don't grab her hand and the CG isn't shown. You just arrive at her place without it being shown.
  5. glupak

    Missing CG after decision in Mochizuki route?

    I am missing one CG in the extras menu of Rina. What do I need to do to unlock it?