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  1. Plese tell me it is you guys (and not some MTL or Chinese company)
  2. Antera

    Gin'iro, Haruka

    Hey its been while since I last posted something in this section before I disappear again. I would like to request one VN. Both with good story and great art Gin'iro, Haruka From VNDB: Snow is not an uncommon sight in April in one of the northernmost towns of the country. Yukito is a well-known honor student at the local school, unable to leave those alone that need his help. As a second year student the new spring will bring him new feelings in his teenage life. Feelings that will soon turn into beautiful realisation. In this game there are five heroines, first there’s the transfer student from Canada, Bethly. She loves to paint but only knew the very basics of Japanese before she came to Japan. Next up there’s Hinata, a junior at school who also can’t leave someone alone when they need help. Momiji is Yukito’s classmate and sits next to him in class. She wants to make it onto the big stage of theater plays. Also aiming for the top is figure skater Mizuha, Yukito’s childhood friend. He gets to meet her again after 2 years abroad. Last of the heroines is his sister-in-law Yuzuki, who somehow feels far away. But maybe that’s because it’s only been one year since she and her mother moved in with them. From here the story will only have one goal. After so many years, Yukito’s life will take a big turn in just 3 seasons. This is a story of love–
  3. Well hello again.. been spaming forum lately (^_^). Todays VN is Dark RPG.. as you might have noticed RPG&VN crosses are in high demand (steam would be good example). It would be great if you release one in someday Dungeon of Regalias ~Haitoku no Miyako Ishgalia~ From VNDB: The floating city of Windal was full of prosperity due to its advanced magic culture. However, an unexplained massive magic explosion sent the city crashing to the ground, killing almost all of its citizens. Only a huge crater and the ruins of the city underneath it remained. Nomads built many villages and over time, the area turned into the large metropolis Ishgalia. Reckless adventurers came to the city to challenge the demon-infested labyrinths under the city in the hopes of striking it rich. The battle-seasoned Orias, who has no memories before becoming a mercenary, arrived at Ishgalia in search of his forgotten past. What awaits him in the depths of the labyrinth and the ruins of the floating city?
  4. Antera

    Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou

    This Visual Novel has not come out yet (Release date 2019-06-28) Since Tone Work's VNs are very popular in English community you guys could try Localize it.. Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou From VNDB: If you could connect the past and the future with your smartphone, how would you fix your regrets? The summer of high school second year―the girls are more whimsical, more mysterious, and more beautiful than ever. The feeling of first love, the bittersweet memories of our high school lives, a regret-filled summer. Summer, 25 years old―I became a salaryman before I’d realized. Looking up to the sky, I remembered the dreamy days. Reminiscently, I turned on the smartphone I used during my high school days. I opened the messaging app and sent myself a message. “You will regret it” A message to my past self. A message that cannot be delivered. But — the phone responded. “What is this, all of the sudden?” This is — a message from myself — from the past. OP:
  5. Antera

    Giga's Kiss series

    Would be great to have them localized
  6. Antera

    Kenseiki Alpha Ride

    Art looks good. considering evenicle success this might do well outside VN community
  7. Antera

    Kin'iro Loveriche

    Here is OP. VN looks intresting
  8. Antera

    Shinsou Noise ~Jushin Tantei no Jikenbo~

    Here is OP for VN NekoNya please localize it
  9. Cannot find it, in settings.
  10. Antera

    December Announcements!

    Problem is in Yuzusoft. Their VNs have nothing drawn behind mosaics
  11. Antera

    December Announcements!

    Ye it will have mosaics
  12. Antera

    5 requests in no particular order

    Sakura no Uta would be great
  13. Antera

    December Announcements!

    Thnx again for great announcements. Finally adult heroines:P:P:P
  14. I prefer this guy over any Beta/Couck Protagonist
  15. Antera

    Localization Request Masterlist (Check Here First)

    Nice list you got there
  16. Will there be more VNs to announce or we are done this year ?
  17. Antera

    More announcements this year ?

    If Sekai won't improve, they might tank for good
  18. Can we expect one more release this year or all of them coming in 2019?
  19. Antera

    More VN this year?

    Wish you good luck. love your work (day one buys for me :D )
  20. Antera

    Irotoridori no Sekai Announcement

    He didn't meant you. some ppl were sad on twitter that it was Sol who got license and not Neko. Still Kudos both Neko and Sol for brining this many good VNs. On my opinion Holy Trio announcements this year were bad. was expecting more from them.
  21. Antera

    Hyakki Ryouran no Yakata

    Hey congratulation on opening up.. Once you start picking up steam and branching up. I would love if you could release : Hyakki Ryouran no Yakata It has both good story (with mystery & serious note) and great art, both of which are currently lacking on todays VN market.
  22. Antera

    Gin'iro, Haruka

    one can hope
  23. I think we will get it after Sanoba