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    Unfortunately, if I understand correctly, Moenovel is directly owned by Pulltop, and thus it is very unlikely that anyone else is going to be allowed to do official translations of Pulltop VN's. So I'm left to grumble and hope there are motivated people who want to do restoration patches for Pulltop's western releases.
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    Thats i guess a long awaited wish for many fans of the pulltop visual novels, while some ppl over at fuwanovel are working on an restoration patch for sky like they did for IMHHW its kinda sad that MoeNovel is so "silent" regarding costumer wishes even after Steam "allowed" eroge games now. Like u sad IMHHW Ageha route was an distaster and the fandisc i didnt even touch bc they did cut a complete route if i remember right. I still remeber how emotional i was with IMHHW and it was a great game (after patch ofc) and i only read the 1. route of Sky full of stars and it was "better" as they other releases but still its missing. Many hope that MoeNovel either (which is unlikely) give 18+ patches out or another companie gets there hands on Pulltop licenes which would even benefit them bc there titles are great and more ppl would buy them if they were releases as they should be.
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    With acquiring Senran Banka from Yuzusoft, I think anything's possible. It sounds to me like Yuzusoft has been very pleased with their relationship with NekoNyanSoft. I would certainly hope this means more Yuzusoft titles in the future.
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    We are reading everything here. Just not as frequent as a year ago because most of the action is now on our discord channel! And of course, we can't/won't comment on every single request regarding new titles. We treat this section of the forum more like a "poll" where we can see and watch how much interest in different titles there are and then decide if we want to look into licensing them!