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    Hey everyone!Today we have a new lengthy update blog post for you prepared! You can use this thread to discuss! We really want to know your opinion regarding the physical releases!
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    Amazing Grace ================================= Developer: Cabbage Soft Release: 30.11.2018 Official site: http://cabbage-soft.com/ Scenario: Fuyuakane Tom & Shigeta Artist: Korie Riko, Yonezou VNDB page: https://vndb.org/v23448 ================================= Japanese demo version: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/C1uk/fuBnZweL3 (1.7GB) Demo walkthrough: http://bit.ly/2Qo0kY Well, it is time for me to request something, I just played in trial version of that game and I liked it so much. Well, the demo on 15 hours, what a... I didn't understand the details of that plot, but I really like what I saw. You can see the description on official site, but I tried to tell it, even if my English isn't so good, thanks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The main character Shyuu lost his memory and wake up in a strange town, which was looks like a West Medieval. He met with nice people, who sheltered him and helped to get comfortable in that town. It was a nice life until Christmas, when all town was destroyed by a fire. Yune, who loved that town more than her life, made a wish to change the destiny - she and Shyuu ate the apples, which can rewind the time. Now they can rewind the time and try to prevent that distaster, but it becomes not so easy... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The demo version contains 3 chapters, when the full version will include 12 chapters. You also can see the walkthrough of demo version, if you can't run that game (stupid Buriko engine, I wonder if that game will get license, poor programmers). That is the 2nd game by Cabbage Soft, first was "Hoshikoi Twinkle", but I like their second game a much more than first. Because a plot, maybe? Also, the opening song is great, and I can't wait for the soundtrack release. The plot reminded me Higurashi, by the way. After ending the demo developers want us to guess who is a victim, and I can't even answer on that question, because everything is so strange and difficult. Hope that someone also will like that game, thank you! Why I want that game of the West? First, because scenario writer is Fuyuakane Tom, who wrote some nice novels for Lump of Sugar, and art by Korie Riko, who drew Hakoniwa no Gakuen, which also got licensed in English. And second, because I really like the plot, and after finishing the demo I thought a lot time, who could be the victim, because it was so, so strange... And, of course, I don't see any demo on 15 hours yet, maybe, I am just slow reader... I can think that the full game will be around 50 hours?.. Oh my gosh. CG arts will be absolutely spoilers, so, I won't even try the full game, I think... Ahaha... Until I will know Japanese better.
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    Even though Frontwing doesn't handle it very good, I think using crowdfunding for physical copies is probably the best way to handle physical media.