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    Have you ever found yourself in that situation where you watch an interesting/lovely/good/intriguing anime but the anime is too short and it's over before you even realize it? Have you ever experienced that suffering that comes from falling in love with a character who appears in a 12-episodes-long anime? And when you find out that the anime is an adaptation from a Visual Novel, how do you feel? For me, that feeling has become a personal matter. Since the first time I've watched Walkure Romanze (after a friend of mine forced- ehm, convinced me to watch it) I've fallen in love not only with a specific character (Noel *coff coff*) but also with the story. You know, you start an anime like this just because you've seen some screenshots that scream "FANSERVICE! BOOBIES!" but then you stay for the plot because it's actually nice. Who thinks about jousting nowadays, after all? But it was interesting so I stayed for the jousting. But well, let's pause for a moment and talk about serious things. What the heck am I talking about? What's Walkure Romanze? Walkure Romanze - Shoujo Kishi Monogatari is a Visual Novel developed by Ricotta in 2011 (Ricotta, the same company of Princess Lover if anyone have ever seen the anime). This Novel tells us the story of Mizuno Takahiro, a student of a particular European academy that teaches students not only the usual things but also a particular subject: jousting. You know, the knights in the Middle Ages who would compete against each other riding horses and holding lances? That thing. Takahiro is very good at this sport but for some reasons he doesn't compete anymore, at least not directly. He works as an assistant for those who want to compete. And since he is sooo very good at this job, many cute girls keep asking him for help (leaving the dream). Takahiro has a childhood friend, Kisaki Mio, who doesn't study in order to become a knight but instead studies for the same job Takahiro does. Due to some "particular" circumstances, Mio gets challenged to a duel by one of the students and is forced to fight. Takahiro then decides to help her in the competition, and this is how the story begins. So, basically we have: a main character who's very good at jousting but doesn't joust; a cute childhood friend; many cute girls; and more importantly the horses (sorry, this was a joke). Let's be frank about two important things now: first of all, I haven't read this VN. If I had, I wouldn't be pestering EVERY SINGLE company for translating this one. This means I don't know if the Novel itself is bad or good. But (and this is the second important thing I wanted to mention) I think the anime adaptation was very good. The jousting scenes were so compelling I found myself cheering on the girls and praying for their victory. The soundtracks are on my mp3 at the moment. The girls are lovely. Everybody knows that 90% of the anime adaptations are often really bad (11Eyes, just to mention one. If I were to judge the Novel from its anime, I would have never read it and I would have regret it). So... if the anime adaptation of Walkure Romanze was (in my opinion) really good by itself, how good can the original source be? If the jousting scenes were compelling in the anime, maybe in the Novel they are masterpieces. If the girls are lovely in the anime, maybe in the Novel we can find our waifus (like I did when I read Grisaia). If the soundtracks were good in the anime, I can already feel the eargasm thinking about the Novel. To conclude, I think Walkure Romanze deserves an official translation. Because the anime was so good we can't really ignore the original source. And because I like it. Really much. And after years, this has become a seriously personal matter. I will never stop asking. If a company doesn't translate, I'll ask someone else. I will never stop. LOVE CAN'T BE STOPPED! (lol crazy) Thank you for reading. Give me your energy, so I can pray for this Novel to be translated! o/