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    I'm so touched someone actually requested this I was actually the project leader for this fan-translation, ironically enough. Doesn't seem like anyone here realized, but Shinku Translations (pretty much just me and akerou) moved on and became Nekonyan, essentially. I love this game to death, so it probably goes without saying that we (me and akerou) are pushing 100% for an official localization of it. No guarantees of when or through who, but just know that I won't die until this game is released officially in English. In the meantime, enjoy this screen I took of the game with English text years ago.
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    You guys should check out this VN. It has so many things similar to Favorite's previous VN: Hoshizora no Memoiria (you've all known how awesome and popular this titile is) such as - Scenario written by Nakahiro (Outstanding plot) - BGMs are composed by Shinobu (Touching music) - Arts done by Shida Kazuhiro (Favorite's art style) - Same plot setting (Tsukigasaki & Hibarigasaki) I heard this project is 100% edited by some other fantrans group i can't remember their name. And if you had some time, also consider of Irotoridori no Sekai localization. Thank you very much for reading my post.
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    I hope one of the new titles is Making Lovers from Smee.
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    I'd probably do the same if it turned out to be Monobeno. I'd be screaming "banzai!" all the while.
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    I'm so not happy to be using that emoji in relation to my favorite VN and another VN I was looking forward to.