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    Hm...I suppose my answer would be: "I suppose on an individual title basis, you could argue they are not necessary. However, if VNs didn't have H-scenes or as many H-scenes, I wouldn't really notice the medium as a whole since there would be one less thing to separate it from the pack of entertainment". I certainly appreciate that there is a certain uniqueness to the VN medium where explicit sex is integrated into the work rather than something standalone (think traditional adult videos with the flimsiest of plots) or a "fade to black". Some may argue that it takes the mystique and imagination away from the story, but I disagree. Sexuality is something that's almost universally covered up in the West (thanks for nothing, Puritans) but is an integral part of the human experience. It's something that's always bothered me in media like TV and movies where even sex scenes get cut off or use 'natural' censorship (with sheet covers, etc.). In terms of industry matters, I'm similar to another person on the internet named sanahtlig and absolutely refuse to buy butchered versions of VNs (FUCK YOU MOENOVEL) or an All Ages only release when an 18+ version is available (G Senjou no Maou being the notable example here). I did make an exception for Eien no Aselia, but the artwork is dated enough that I didn't care as much. It still rubs me the wrong way though... I am also much more willing to give VNs with uncensored art a glance and am a bit looser with my wallet than normal for those titles since I want to Japanese companies and artists to actually draw genitalia, but I digress. Sorry if this is a bit reductionist, but even if I end up skipping through H-scenes I'd still consider them to be necessary.
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    I hate any company that censors h-scenes, like what MoeNovel does, but VNs do not inherently need h-scenes to be enjoyable. Hell, my top 2 favourite VNs don't have any h-scenes.
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    Alright, I just wanna start by saying sorry- ya know, for posting about two translation patches in such a short time span. I realize that this isn't the most appropriate place to publicize fan translations, however, I couldn't stop myself from making a post about this VN's re-translation. Many of you likely know or have heard of 'If My Heart Had Wings/ Kono Oozora ni Tsubasa o Hirogete' and the butchered English localisation which it had received; via MoeNovel, of course. I won't be going into detail about the issues that plagued MoeNovel's localisation of KonoSora/IMHHW (mainly because I'm certain that all of you know them already), but I will say that they weren't, by any means, "minor issues." Which is why we should be all the more grateful to everyone who worked on this re-translation project. For their hard work, time and effort put in to fixing this VN, because, and let's be real here, it must've been hell to get through. With that being said, here's a link to the patch release post by Pabloc. Go show em some love