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    It's definitely not canceled! I'm sorry for our long silence on this matter but we had to shift priorities around a bit. Our first physical Edition will be for Aokana. So you will be able to see how we will try to handle all our physical sales in the future. We underestimated how much time and preparation is needed to offer physical editions for a game. We want to do things right from the start and don't want to set a bad precedent, with a messy first physical sale, for future physical sales. We will keep definitely keep you posted on this matter at the latest when we finish the physical sale for Aokana!
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    Sweet, just checked it out via https://www.toypla.com/event_info/yuzu-soft_shop/ Going to definitely try to get some stuff~ Also, I just got done reading what was available for Amairo Islenauts, and I REALLLLLLY would like it to be Translated. All of the heroines have wonderful character, and it's an interesting story that has a little bit of mystery/fantasy involved in it. The MC is not a usual trope (At least from what I know) as he's actually everyone's sensei along with 1 teacher being a potential love interest (or so it seems). The premise is quite nice and unique, with great voice acting, music, and more. I need.. more.. Masaki.. https://streamable.com/29kno