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    It's about time to recommend my final plotge for a while, just to give my other requests more of a chance. This one had a translation for a while, but it died off randomly and I really want a good translation of this VN. Gore Screaming Show Plot Synopsis: Gore Screaming Show begins with the return of Kyouji Jinno, a relatively unassuming yet personable student, to the remote suburban community of his early childhood. With his parents still employed overseas, Kyouji takes up residence with his aunt, a cheerful woman with an unusual passion for occult research and relatively carefree regard to responsibilities. In this eased environment, Kyouji finds many opportunities to pursue leisure activities, rekindling friendships with several girls he once knew, now maturating into beautiful women. Soon thereafter, Kyouji accepts a request from his aunt to help unravel mysteries concerning paranormal phenomena she is investigating. They immediately set off, accompanied by friends in tow, to an ominous undeveloped forest that borders the town. After discussing details of an obscure local myth, the group splits to cover more ground, whereupon Kyouji stumbles across a decayed well. Suddenly an adolescent girl appears, candidly forthcoming and friendly in disposition towards Kyouji, but holding venomous hatred for his female companion. When the encounter is suddenly cut short, the nameless child inexplicably vanishes without a trace. The forest expedition is then repeated a second time, further arousing the attention of the mysterious young girl: an interest that inaugurates events of chaotic death and destruction in its wake... all committed in the pursuit of happiness once denied. What I want this VN: It's dark. It's horrific. It's disturbing. It's perfect for a person like me. My friend turned me onto this VN a while back and it looks really goddamn good. Plus, Black Cyc is a really cool company overall, so getting their partnership would be great. I really hope this can be localized one day as it would be really interesting to read. That and ChronoBox for sure.
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    Hello, I'm new to this site, but I'd be thrilled to get aquatinted with everyone. I'm mainly here to hopefully get introduced to some like minded people who could possibly recommend some good visual novels and otome games for me to check out. I own a decent enough collection of games myself, my newest edition to my collection being the 18+ version of a Liar-Soft game called. Shiei no Sona-Nyl aka What a Beautiful Memories. Someday I'd like to complete my Liar-Soft collection.Some other visual novel/otome companies I'm somewhat familiar with is Key, Nitro Plus, Navel, 07th Expansion, TYPE-MOON, Sekai Project, Leaf, Circus, âge-soft, KID, Ivory, Otomate, Cheritz, Broccoli, Sugar Beans, Calamelia, Calameliatorte, Little Cheese, Pure Wool, Kalmia8, Operetta Due, Aromarie, Mirai Soft, QuinRose, A'sRing, etc.Anyhow, I hope we'll get along well with each other! (㇏(ᵒ̴̶̷ ᵥᵥ ᵒ̴̶̷)ノ)
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    Welcome to MoegeLand "Enjoy your stay"... is what I would like to say, but apparently people have abandoned this place to move into Discord, so I'm the last one here who can answer your posts. That said, nice to meet you anyway. I would be happy if more people went back here again, so I would have a reason to post more regularly like I did one year and a half ago
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    I seriously logged in right now to write a comment on this post because I found out about your partial translation of this VN. Never expected to meet you directly xD I'm almost completely ignorant about japponic so I can't be of any help, but I support your work with my mind and soul! I suggest you go to their discord and bring up the discussion on the forum, tho. I'm basically the last remaining here
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    I saw a bit on this one and it seemed relatively cool, sadly the translation fizzled out but an interesting game none the less. I've always liked the dark visual novels...Muv-Luv anyone?
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    it deffo has a horror vibe, but its not really as lovecraftian as saya, thats more like a hardcore lovecraft tribute of sorts, that said GSS has a ton of other horror references and even stuff that isnt horror (my favorite route in the game being a huge reference to through the looking glass (the second book in the alice in wonderland series) for example. Think more of it as a classic asian horror piece of media, like the ring or dark water hopefully they can pry renban amuse out of JASTs cold dead hands, or hopefully princess X was a one off and they didnt acquire the rights to do all their stuff. also: im really happy to see this thread getting tons of traction, the vn really deserve being enjoyed by a much bigger audience
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    Awesome, now I'm very much interested.
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    Yes and it's a longer story overall.
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    I see, virgin chose my favorite vn. So good choice. This vn made me feel like ive completed vns (I havent been able to complete another vn since) words cant really describe how much I absolutely adore this vn, this is really light on the guro and its mostly in the bad ends btw, so just avoid those if you dont like it, it even have settings for how much gore you wanna see in the options menu, so they got that covered just like euphoria with poop heh. okay, first off, excellent common route, like fucking excellent common route, the best common route ive ever read actually and ill props never find any other common route that will surpass it. I never drags on, its not detached from the routes in any way, everything in this vn forms a coherent story from different perspective, nothing is left out and every detail in almost all routes are important to the "true route". second off, best antagonist you'll most likely ever encounter, gore (ゴア) is....I think the best way to describe it is if you took scarecrow and the joker from batman and mixed them together as an omnipresent being. third off (can you even say that):the protagonist, Kyouji, oof, I love him, hes the best representation of an actual human being ive seen when it comes to vn protagonists so far, hes brave, standing up for himself and the people he holds dear, but still have fears, regrets and what makes him feel like a living breathing human, unlike the super strong protags like yuuji from grisaia or the carbon copy self insert protagonists from a lot of other vns, black cyc really struck the golden middle way with this one And for my last note ill give you this clip, if this doesnt make a chill run down your spine in a good way, I have no idea what will。
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    Subarishiki Hibi approves. Screw the Literature Club, we need some serious shit and Japan knows how to do it.