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    Don't worry I will try to gather the percentages on our ongoing projects until Sunday!
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    The fandisk is fully translated and edited! We had our first QA pass and will start the second one shortly. We don't have an exact date for the release yet but it will be ... soon...™
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    Nevermind! I found out. Turns out that this PC didn't have a .rar reader. me dumbo me go look at anime girls now
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    My cousin has been breaking down my bedroom door everyday and screaming "WHERE IS IT?!?!?! WHERE IS MUH FANDISK RRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!!!!!!!!!!!!". This has been happening since the day she finished Fureraba 2 months ago and I didn't even know she was playing it, cheeky little bastard. Please tell me it's coming out soon, my door isn't gonna hold any longer and there's already a freaking dent on my wall from the doorknob. Ugu
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    It did get fully translated, but not completely proofread and stuff. Someone in the group released it early, possibly because they saw the Sekai acquisition coming. Something like this happened with the very first Dracu-Riot translation it seems. And history ended up repeating itself. That being said. I DO want an official translation. Dracu-Riot is my favorite VN, and Elina is my favorite heroine.
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    Yeah I'm just sharing it in case no one knew about it, but I'm also sharing the progress of it.
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    With acquiring Senran Banka from Yuzusoft, I think anything's possible. It sounds to me like Yuzusoft has been very pleased with their relationship with NekoNyanSoft. I would certainly hope this means more Yuzusoft titles in the future.
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    Hello. My name is Virgin Smasher and I am here to start a weekly thread series known as my 2 VNs that I recommend to be considered for localization. Warning: I have not played any of these VNs, so opinions I have on the VNs are most likely repeated from other sources. Well, let's get into this, shall we? First VN: Kami no Ue no Mahoutsukai Plot Synopsis from VNDB: This is the debut game for Uguisu Kagura, which succeeds Yonaki Uguisu. There was a small library on that island. It was the Yuugyouji family’s private library built solely for one girl, Yoruko, who didn’t attend school and spent all her time there. With lots of intriguing books on its shelves, there was no happier place for a bookworm like her. There were also other wonderful and pleasant people who resided there: the protagonist Ruri and his cool sharp-tongued imouto Kisaki, the freeloading tennen moodmaker Rio, and the curious and honest “detective” Kanata. It’s as if they were all brought together by someone or something. Their love of books was the beginning of their youth. Before long, the lonely library became full of light and they became close like childhood friends. Two years later, Ruri returned to the library after leaving the island due to family matters. Nothing seemed to have changed from six years ago, except that there was a secret which they were not aware of back then: “Anything that is written in the magic book will become reality”. If it’s a romance novel, then a miracle-like love story will unfold. If it’s a fantasy novel, then vampires will appear the next day. If it’s a horror novel, then there’ll be a ghost beckoning you from behind. Yoruko’s strong will. Kisaki’s beauty. Rio’s cheerfulness. Kanata’s brilliance. Let’s fall in love with them and books. My take: Yes, I know this can seem like some light-hearted moege or a fun charage or something, but this VN isn't how it really seems. It's a nakige and almost utsuge according to some and it has a lot of mystery to it, which is why it interests me. Not to mention aspects of the plot synopsis are intriguing as hell and open up a lot of possibilities for the story to go to. Finally, the company that made this VN hasn't been snatched up by any of the major VN licensers, so they're fair game to discuss licensing with. I do hope some company considers localizing this VN eventually. Second VN: Gurenka Plot Synopsis from VNDB: Ryouji lives in the secluded mountain town of Sakai-chou. One day, he received a message on his answering machine not to let anyone into the house no matter who it was. In addition, there was something about the letter on the table, but he couldn’t understand all of it due to the static. He opened the letter anyway and inside was a old sepia-coloured letter, with a strange mark that he recalled seeing at the local abandoned shrine. There was a large stone in the middle and when he approached it, he heard a female voice and he felt a pain in his chest. Returning later due to curiosity, he noticed that the emblem on the stone was glowing. All of a sudden, he was dragged into a dark world and a naked girl Kuon was standing in front of him. She was a spirit that was sealed within the stone hundreds of years ago and she decided to thank him by tearing him to pieces and eating him. Just as suddenly, they were back in the real world and all his injuries were healed. It appeared that he had gained her powers which were within the keystone and so he was thrust into battle to retrieve all the broken shards. What is the other world and the village legend which has been passed down? He set out with Kuon and three other girls to seek the truth. My take: This VN is pretty interesting to me as a chuunige fan and I'm always down for more chuunige to be localized. Also, there's the always great mystery aspect that I love in VNs, not to mention it's a multiple route mystery, which I love. Finally, the plot synopsis has me intrigued in how the story will actually go, despite the fact that the time loop may ruin the story overall. Also, only virgin heroines. Always a bonus. That is all for this week from me. I do hope NekoNyan takes these VNs into consideration whenever they get around to finding new licenses. Until next week, see you guys.
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    ...? I've completed Dracu-Riot though... Every route. Including Miu's. It was all in English. EDIT: This is partly why I'm baffled at Sekai Project taking so long to release Dracu Riot. They had a practically finished project dropped in their laps. And then... nothing. Lost in the woods. Eaten by a Wendigo. Gone.
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    I mean lets be honest anyone whos been into the vn community for a few years will have heard of if not played this game. however their definitive edition has never been translated...except for YumeHaven...but we don't talk about that. https://vndb.org/v28
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    I'm not sure right now but I think it doesn't have a "real fullscreen option". The next best thing you can use is the Maximize window function I guess EDIT: FOR A REAL FULLSCREEN YOU JUST HAVE TO PRESS ALT+ENTER!
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    The localization for the Trails of Cold Steel 3 has been officially announced for release in Fall 2019 for PS4! A rather surprising part of the announcement is that Xseed Games won't be handling the localization. It is instead being handled by NIS America with members of the localization staff from Cold Steel 1 and 2 working on its translation. Looks like it's time for me to get started on my playthrough of The Legend of Heroes series! Source: RPG Site https://www.rpgsite.net/news/8185-nis-america-announces-the-legend-of-heroes-trails-of-cold-steel-iii-to-release-in-north-america-and-europe-in-fall-2019-for-playstation-4
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    I saw somewhere that CS III doesn't import saves from II, but IV imports from III. I don't know if that's accurate, but if it is, I might just buy the PS4 version instead of waiting for a PC port. I DO have a PS4, even though I almost never use it.
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    Yes, Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2 were only released for both PS3 and PS Vita initially. Those were the only platforms that Falcom had developed those two games for. The PC port is kind of a western thing since Falcom doesn't do PC versions of their games. The PC and upcoming PS4 versions were thanks to XSEED. In fact, I read somewhere that XSEED's work on the PC versions is so good that Falcom is using it for their PS4 release. Well, the year is still very young. Have faith! There is plenty of time before Fall for NISA to announce something for PC fans. I highly doubt that they are being forgotten. As I've understood it, ports usually come after the initial platform release because of all of the work that goes into them. Unfortunately, NISA made no mention regarding import saves so far...
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    I’m sure that the PC port will come. Even the previous titles didn’t initially come to PC until later. Also, it may not be Xseed but the title is in very good hands. I have faith!
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    YES! Wait, it's not Xseed? What? And they aren't doing a PC port? WHAT THE HECK!?
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    ALRIGHT!!! Let's take a look at my shopping list for this week and the week after... . Resident evil 2 remake . Hello; Goodbye . Sugar Style . Ace combat 7 . Kingdom Hearts 3 . No more heroes Travis strikes again . A Nintendo Switch . my rent . My medical bill . My college fees . My booze Guess I won't be needing my second kidney after all.
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    That's quite a list, but a good one. I'm looking forward to reading Hello, Goodbye too. I love the op theme, plot sounds cool, and art style.
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    Yes, we plan to translate the Fandisc as well!
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    Now there's another one coming up too.
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    I totally agree. SakuraGame are frauds. Their translations are so poor, hence why they charge little for them. They are a blight on the VN industry as a whole, and should just shut down.
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    It gone. My hope. My dream. My motivation. My ambition. All gone. Ded.