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  2. jojos

    What do you watch in free time?

    I like to watch different videos on YouTube
  3. What do you like to watch?
  4. hayboyeek

    funeral and cemetery

    I am not so big fan of visiting funeral ceremonies. I used to visit cremation in Singapore. I heard about popular funeral service in this country cherishmemorialsfuneral The structured formality of the traditional funeral service may provide the family with a sense of comfort and closure not experienced in less formal service arrangements. In Asian culture mostly use cremation
  5. kawako

    funeral and cemetery

    What do u think about visiting cemetery? Actually funeral ceremonies is scary me.
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  7. RaymondAmurb

    Request to Translate Koi x Shin Ai Kanojo [School Girls Stories]

    Получите код активации для ОФД кассы за 2 минуты Источник: ="» касса ="» https://magazin-ofd.ru/
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  9. kobayar

    work in medicine

    Unfortunately, most work environments are often boring and uneventful. Unlike healthcare jobs, most careers are not challenging and repetitive. However, as a healthcare professional, you get to have a fast-paced workday with a constantly changing atmosphere. This type of work environment leaves professionals feeling a sense of fulfillment. Obviously, this cannot be said for a variety of positions in other industries.
  10. kawako

    work in medicine

    I finished my studying in one medical school in New York. Abd after I decided to continue stydying at one medical course https://www.exploremedicalcareers.com/ekg-technician/ and will work as ekg techinican in the near future. I guess its will be good work experience for me.
  11. kawako

    work in medicine

    medicine sounds cool
  12. hayboyeek

    work in medicine

    hey there. guys do u want to work in medicne?
  13. jojos

    What type of girls do you like?

    I love hot girls too. I met so many cool girls online lately. I often visit adult webcam chat on https://vibragame.org/en/ to discuss hot topics with beauties. It drives me a lot. I think it's a great way to bring more passion into relationship and try smth new.
  14. jojos

    apps for iphone

    useful info, tnx a lot
  15. What girls do you prefer? I like hot brunnets with cute face
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  18. Franklin_Barger


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  24. Kiritsuna

    Request for Walkure Romanze - Shoujo Kishi Monogatari

    I'll comment because I just realized the anime existed, and when I saw it came from a VN... I'll support this. I enjoyed this more than Princess Lover, so I would love to have the game translated
  25. hayboyeek

    massage in Ukraine

    I often visit new massage parlosrs where try different type of sexual massage. The history of sensual massage can be found over more than a thousand years and was widespread in China and India. In India, tantric massage combined the physical aspect of massage with spirituality. I visited topless massage kiev lately.
  26. hayboyeek


    I viisted massage parlors every month. Last one was adele parlor in Kiev. Sexual massage help me to improve my sexual desire and potency. This type of massage is of Eastern origins and is considered an art form as well as an effective physical therapy.
  27. kawako

    massage in Ukraine

    HAve you ever been in popular massage parlor in Ukraine? Your impressions?
  28. kawako


    Do u often visit massage parlors? Where did u have last massage?
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