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  3. That's really disappointing to hear, honestly. Edit: Specifically because I've been waiting for so long on physicals of Sanoba to start reading it.
  4. I don't have problems waiting meanwhile it don't end up canceled :3 Then a physical release for this game will be a dependent of how aokana sells?
  5. It's definitely not canceled! I'm sorry for our long silence on this matter but we had to shift priorities around a bit. Our first physical Edition will be for Aokana. So you will be able to see how we will try to handle all our physical sales in the future. We underestimated how much time and preparation is needed to offer physical editions for a game. We want to do things right from the start and don't want to set a bad precedent, with a messy first physical sale, for future physical sales. We will keep definitely keep you posted on this matter at the latest when we finish the physical sale for Aokana!
  6. TsukiBaka

    Other Yuzusoft Titles?

    Sweet, just checked it out via https://www.toypla.com/event_info/yuzu-soft_shop/ Going to definitely try to get some stuff~ Also, I just got done reading what was available for Amairo Islenauts, and I REALLLLLLY would like it to be Translated. All of the heroines have wonderful character, and it's an interesting story that has a little bit of mystery/fantasy involved in it. The MC is not a usual trope (At least from what I know) as he's actually everyone's sensei along with 1 teacher being a potential love interest (or so it seems). The premise is quite nice and unique, with great voice acting, music, and more. I need.. more.. Masaki.. https://streamable.com/29kno
  7. Any news or it will be canceled? :/
  8. RisingChaos

    Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou

    I'm holding out hope they TL Ginharu, which already has its own request topic to boot, but yeah. We'll see about this after its JP release I suppose.
  9. GodSlayer9029

    Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou

    I've thoroughly enjoyed the visual novels I've played by them, I would definitely love to see this game come over. I'm always a sucker for good looking art styles and the cover art for this looks absolutely amazing.
  10. DarthSteel

    Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou

    I would love to see NekoNyan get some of Tone Works VNs. I recently finished playing Hoshi Ori, and I think that one made it all the way to Kamige territory, and Hatsukoi 1/1 was pretty good as well. (Also, the Tsurezurescans fan translation group is amazing. Their fan patches are easily professional quality)
  11. Antera

    Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou

    This Visual Novel has not come out yet (Release date 2019-06-28) Since Tone Work's VNs are very popular in English community you guys could try Localize it.. Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou From VNDB: If you could connect the past and the future with your smartphone, how would you fix your regrets? The summer of high school second year―the girls are more whimsical, more mysterious, and more beautiful than ever. The feeling of first love, the bittersweet memories of our high school lives, a regret-filled summer. Summer, 25 years old―I became a salaryman before I’d realized. Looking up to the sky, I remembered the dreamy days. Reminiscently, I turned on the smartphone I used during my high school days. I opened the messaging app and sent myself a message. “You will regret it” A message to my past self. A message that cannot be delivered. But — the phone responded. “What is this, all of the sudden?” This is — a message from myself — from the past. OP:
  12. I’ve only ever played visual novels on my PC.
  13. GodSlayer9029

    Yo, make more use of the site blog!

    I love the Twitter updates since I get them directly to my phone. I don't have to go the extra mile to check the site when there may or may not be an update.
  14. If I didn't get all NN's news secondhand from Reddit, by golly I'd never know anything at all. I know it's relatively low-effort to just be posting all your news on Twitter/Facebook, because you gotta have an image and a format and might break something making an update, but it'd be nice if you dudes utilized your actual website more. Hopefully HGB sticks on Steam this time, grats. *ahem*
  15. #PCMasterRace obiv and laptop
  16. You're a brave man if you could enjoy the ride as a type-moon heroine.
  17. GodSlayer9029

    "I Was Transported into Another World as My Waifu"

    I'd just live it up man and enjoy the ride. ^ My waifu
  18. How do you react if you see yourself become your waifu? I would collect merchandise and clone myself multiple times to experience full narcissism.
  19. I use my laptop almost exclusively. It is much easier for me to find comfortable positions to be in for a while using a laptop than anything else I've used, including a tablet. I've never owned a Vita or a Switch, but I think I would pick laptop over those, too.
  20. I play them exclusively on my gaming PC. I wouldn't mind playing them on a tablet, as I think they would work well there, but I haven't been able to find any VNs for Android that are both translated into English and that I want to read. Add to that how much money I've already spent on VNs for the PC versions, and I don't think I'll ever bother switching.
  21. MichaelBlueTheKing

    What's your favorite platform to play visual novels?

    Yoruka is beautiful
  22. I'd need to see if I can play visual novels on mine. >.>
  23. Play 'em on my gaming PC. I've been entertaining the idea of getting some kind of tablet for the convenience but haven't gotten around to it. Those things are expensive. Maybe I'll just get a small, cheap laptop so I can read in bed and during long trips.
  24. I read them on my pc but I also wish I could lay down while playing them since it does get uncomfortable after awhile. ^.^'
  25. I read vns on my laptop.
  26. MichaelBlueTheKing

    What's your favorite platform to play visual novels?

    I wish my laptop hadn't broke, so I could enjoy VNs while laid down on my sofa. Instead I have to stay at my desk. It's not so bad, but after 6 hours it becomes uncomfortable...
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