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  2. Any news about it? will be canceled? or it will be released maybe the next year?
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  4. RimvydasM

    Mashiro Iro Symphony

    i would love to read this.i have forgoten about this vn,until i ramdomly found it on vndb,i watched anime few years ago,and i like it a lot,so i would love to read this vn too.
  5. ShakingCovers

    Typos in Aokana - Four Rhythms Across the Blue

    Sorry for the double post, but I've since finished and found a couple more and would rather post them now so I can clear out my screenshots. This one should be offense, not offence. This one is another text overflow to the fourth line. Happens when using font 1 or font 2 with border on or off for text. Not sure if you guys were on the lookout for these but figured I'd post just in case. I thought Aokana was great and can't wait for the Perfect Edition and the Mashiro FD. Hope they come out soon.
  6. ShakingCovers

    Typos in Aokana - Four Rhythms Across the Blue

    No problem. Found some more plus some text overflows. This one should be "Calm down" not "Call down" This one should be "distant future" not "distant feature" The last comma here is unneeded This has a period at the end of the text but not in the image Again, this has a period in the text but not in the image. The line and image shows up a third time with no period in the text so at the very least it should be made consistent for each time it shows up. These next two aren't typos, but text overflows where it hit a fourth line. I've been using the second font with no border for reference. This one flowed to line 4 on font 2. This one flowed to line 4 on font 2, but didn't when using font 1.
  7. Neb Neb

    Typos in Aokana - Four Rhythms Across the Blue

    Thanks for posting these! Will forward these to our editors
  8. Found some typos when I was reading through Aokana and figured I'd post them so they can get fixed. I'm using the initial release and not patch 1.02 since I don't think it's come up on JAST yet so these may have already been fixed. Cliche is missing the accent here. I know accents don't really play nice with VNs usually but every other instance of the word had the accent so I figured I'd mention it This should be "Gotcha" in the background image text, not "Gocha". The audio only has Misaki saying one word which I can't remember at the moment so I think what happened here was both were put in as possible choices but someone missed the line and forgot to pick one for the final translation. I seem to remember the former making more sense in context, but you guys should go back and look at that line again This should be "our" not "out" Pretty sure this line should be "If I were a girl" not "If I was a girl" since the if statement makes it the subjunctive.
  9. dragonslayer

    Attempting to run Aokana brings me to Steam page

    Deleting the patch and then reinstalling the game seems to fix it.
  10. dragonslayer

    Can't save in Aokana

    Saving doesn't seem to work. It just beeps when I click a save slot and nothing happens.
  11. Neb Neb

    Attempting to run Aokana brings me to Steam page

    And also, did you try to apply the 18+ patch to the game? The patch is only meant for the Steam version of the game.
  12. Neb Neb

    Black screen when the game starts

    Hey! Are you using a VM to play Aokana? If yes we are aware of that problem and are currently looking into it.
  13. Neb Neb

    Attempting to run Aokana brings me to Steam page

    We updated the JAST installer, so could you try to redownload the game from them and see if you still have the problem?
  14. Downloaded from JAST store. What's going on here?
  15. When aokana starts, a black screen appears and nothing else works. please advise what to do
  16. If you're having issues installing Aokana and bought it from JAST then please read this. I bought Aokana on JAST and when I try and run the installer I get a message that says "Setup needs next disc" and it asks for the "Aokana_Installer-1.bin" file. When you direct it to the right path it doesn't see it. The file was mistakenly named "Aokana Installer-1.bin" instead of the needed "Aokana_Installer-1.bin" so the installer will give you errors nonstop until you add in all the underscores yourself. I just got through the setup by doing that myself so it works. NekoNyan, please contact JAST to update the file, or if that will take a while add in a note to the JAST store page on how to solve the issue in the mean time so others don't get frustrated when they run into this issue too.
  17. i tried what some people said delete savedata download patch nothing work i tried another method didnt work iti kept going for about two hours just wante to enjoy the game first game i bought from this company so please respondor someone from the company i
  18. Ah, that's a little sad to hear but hopefully I'll manage to get my hands on it when I figure out how to purchase stuff on Japanese sites. Bummed about no additional stuff, guess those are posters or ads like you sad. Dammit, why can't there be more! Thanks for replying Neb Neb. Hyped to read other VNs from you guys. Oh, and congrats on Aokana's release, hope everything goes great on the 27th and beyond!
  19. Hey! Sadly we didn't get the rights for the Sankaku Soundtrack so you would have to buy that on one of the Japanese sites yourself And yeah no sadly Sankaku didn't receive any fandiscs or afterstories. Those other CGs you saw might just be some CGs that were only used for ads.
  20. RisingChaos

    Any news on Fureraba's extra Vita content?

    Fureraba Vita content WHEN Sanoba Witch hardcopies WHEN well, the latter we might get more news about after Aokana's release this upcoming Friday
  21. I remember it being mentioned that there would be an update to Fureraba somewhere down the line that added in some exclusive CGs from the Vita version into NekoNyan's version. Is that still coming out, and if so is there an estimate of when it'll release? I've been holding off on buying the FD and giving everything a reread for when that Vita CG update drops so any news on it would be appreciated.
  22. I'm with SkyAbove. I really enjoyed the game and I'd love to purchase any additional content related to it.
  23. Periah250

    Hikari no Umi no Apeiria

    https://vndb.org/v20860#main Ai which is relatively uncommon in alot of vns great art reviews are generally positive and one of the characters looks like the vocaloid IA.
  24. Taiketsu

    Gin'iro, Haruka

    Yeah im rly glad like many others they decided to continue and even surpirsed us on how much work they already did on it. For a fansub grp they work fast and do a great job at translation that some other companies ( no names sad SP "cough").
  25. I have the same problem, and I tried to redownload the patch
  26. DarthSteel

    Gin'iro, Haruka

    Well, it looks like someone beat me to breaking the news, but I'm just happy I'm going to get to read another Tone Works VN.
  27. Hello, I finished the game recently and I loved it through and through to a point where I desperately would love to see more of any content related to it. After checking out the official site of ASA Project I've noticed they are selling the soundtrack (I think so at least, I don't know Japanese) and I was wondering if there's a chance for it to be released by NekoNyanSoft as well, cause I would absolutely love to buy it as I enjoyed the music in the game a lot. I'm not sure what sort of other stuff they produced for the game, but I saw some CGs not included in the novel on their site and some links to external online stores next to them on the site as well. I couldn't tell what kind of content that was, but if it's like Afterstories DLCs or bonus disks for some other VN's or anything of the kind (or anything at all really) I would love to buy it so much as well. You can check it out here. Thanks NNS for your hard work, can't wait to check out more stuff from you.
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