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  2. So 0 possibility to buy only the physical?
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  4. Question: If I want to send a physical copy as a gift to a friend, can I get it sent directly to him? Or do I need to first receive it, then send it to him myself?
  5. I've been a visual novel fan for a long time now and literally no one I know in real life has a clue what they are until I explain them. Does anyone here have a discord and want to chat about them?
  6. bakauchuujin

    How weeb is your room?!

    Well here are some pictures, also sorry for them being blurry.
  7. RisingChaos

    Sanoba Witch wallpaper collection

    Alright, I'm checkin' 'em out. I'm a bit disappointed that we can't get full images of the lewds over desktop-sized crops, but alas I know that's likely not in your hands. On a related note, something more controllable probably, I'd really like to see 12:10 aspect ratio options at more than just the smallest size. I appreciate these images as art, not merely as functional desktop wallpapers, and hey those extra vertical pictures simply means more image for me to appreciate. I was able to compress the images down by about 15%, tsk tsk. Also, the mobile wallpaper folder is twice the size of the desktop one! As a desktop user, . (Even if I'm just using them as pure pieces of art.) Really though, who needs 4k mobile wallpapers? I suppose it doesn't hurt to be forward-thinking but I don't think even the latest smartphones have more than 1440p screens and the 4K versions are over half the total filesize. Just, you know, to be filesize-conscious for heavy phone users who might have to worry about data caps. Obviously, I appreciate them as a connoisseur. How come the sanoba_background image is only available in 1920x1080?
  8. MichaelBlueTheKing


    The main problem with Rewrite, imo, is that you have to play all 5 routes to unlock the "true ending" and that's a pain in the ass. I couldn't fall in love with any of the girl because the chara is KEY's chara and the girls are more like moeblobs than real 2D grills, so heh. For me at least it has been a real pain, but the true ending repaid me in the end
  9. DarthSteel


    Finally worked up the gumption to give Lucia's route a try. I think I'd rate it as a bit better than Chihaya's route, though I did get irritated at the MC suddenly becoming an idiot during the climax of the route. The epilogue I'd rate has between Chihaya's and Kotori's, not as good as Chihaya's, but better than Kotori's. I still feel that Kotori had the best ROUTE, it's just her epilogue was so lacking. The route itself was amazing, even though the MC and Kotori failed at what they set out to do. Dunno if I'll ever play Akane's route or not, I do know I'm not in the mood for it right now. In the end, I think I still have to rate Rewrite as the worst VN from Key I've read, so my current personal Key ranking is CLANNAD>Little Busters>Kanon>Air>Rewrite Thanks for giving me the motivation to finish Lucia's route, I do think it was worth reading.
  10. DarthSteel

    Nekonyan release schedule

    Yep, I meant Hello, Goodbye. I messed up, sorry about that. Thanks for the reply, I love how engaged with the fans NekoNyan is! That release schedule is awesome, and I'm looking forward to every game you guys have in the pipeline!
  11. Neb Neb

    Nekonyan release schedule

    Where did you read that Hello Lady will be out Winter 2018? Maybe you mistook it for Hello Goodbye? In our FAQ for Hello Lady we have the estimated release for Q2 2019. That aside we are confident in our release schedule. So far the only hiccup was our disappearing translator for Hello Goodbye and that shouldn't be happening again. But I guess everything could be possible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Tanner

    Sanoba Witch Mislabeling on Steam Storefront

    Its not a mislabel, it is a "shooter" if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. I was just looking through the FAQ for all of NekoNyans announced titles, and noticed that the estimated release dates were all between now and "summer 2019". Seems awfully ambitious to me, are you guys actually going to be able to do that? I mean, it's great if you guys can actually hit those targets, I'm just wondering how realistic that is? For example, Hello Lady says "winter 2018", and I think the Fureraba fan disc is also supposed to be done before the end of the year. Just seems like a lot to get done in only two months!
  14. This is a sizable game I've been requesting from other publishers for some time. I've come across a number of other fans for the series on a few different places over the years who have likewise expressed interest in seeing it localized. Shukufuku no Campanella is the original game: https://vndb.org/v1337 Shukusai no Campanella is the fandisc: https://vndb.org/v4652 The fandisc includes several after stories and stories for fan-favorite side characters, as well as a quiz battle game. The original game received an anime adaptation in 2010, which was licensed for home release in North America by Right Stuf under their Lucky Penny label: https://www.rightstufanime.com/Blessing-of-the-Campanella-DVD-Collection-S https://www.rightstufanime.com/Blessing-of-the-Campanella-DVD-Anime-Elements The game boasts a great cast, including (but certainly not limited to) Mai Kadowaki and Asami Imai. To date, no games by this developer (that I'm aware of) have been licensed for English release, so it could be a good opportunity for a partnership.
  15. snowbell55

    Request for another Smee VN

    Another vote for Making*Lovers here. The art looks similar to Koichoco's (which I like) and it seems like it'd be a fun and relaxing read too. But really anything from Smee / Hooksoft would be good.
  16. Daverost

    Twinkle ☆ Crusaders

    I've been adding this one to request polls from other publishers for some time, mostly JAST since they were looking for games with gameplay but I guess they didn't want to bite. I picked up the PSP versions of Twinkle Crusaders and Starlit Brave, but I'd love for an English version of whatever could be brought over. (I expect licensing issues for Starlit Brave, but the original game and Passion Star Stream fandisc shouldn't pose any problems.)
  17. Earlier
  18. Nice. So I can buy the Steam version, then buy physicals and then gift the Steam keys to friends who are too poor to afford VNs
  19. Yes, that was our intention
  20. If it's okay to ask - do you think you'll be doing Steam keys + physical copies for the physical versions (not just Sanoba Witch I mean) like Mangagamer do with their hard copies, or would it be a case of only getting the physical copy if you buy physical?
  21. Hi everyone! First thread and first post here :D. *waves* I'm just wondering (and hopefully it's okay to ask): what's the likelihood of there being a physical release for Melty Moment? I'd really like one if there is: it's my second-most anticipated release after Aokana and a physical copy would basically be icing on the cake. *crosses fingers hopefully*
  22. MichaelBlueTheKing

    How weeb is your room?!

    My thoughts exactly
  23. blueskydreams

    How weeb is your room?!

    My God....
  24. Tsukishiro


    I played Rewrite under the mindset that the MC's main motivation has been to find a place to belong, with that desire extending into each of the heroine routes. In a way, the quality of each routes' ending is a reflection of how much the MC was willing to commit himself to make a difference. He was pretty much told to keep out of trouble in Shizuru route, and he did until curiosity got the better of him. Chihaya route takes it in the other direction by allowing the MC to develop himself before taking action and that turned out much better. It's also my personal favorite heroine route. And I believe the writers wanted to make Kotori's ending poetic with the way it ended. The MC's motivation in that route was to help her fulfill her duty out of commitment, so even failing in the end doesn't change the feelings between them. He resolves to see her again with his head held high so they can let go of the past together. Rewrite might be one of those VNs where you need to look at the routes from several perspectives to full appreciate them. The genre shifts and overlapping themes can make that a bit difficult. The different writers for the routes is partially to blame for that. Lucia's is a bit of a wildcard route that doesn't fit in with the others, but it does the romance well and presents a straightforward conflict. Akane's is the darkest and gives a larger scale to the narrative. Whether or not you want to dive back in, the important thing is whether you enjoy reading it. If you feel that it's a slog, or just not your cup of tea, set it aside and read something you know you'll enjoy at this moment.
  25. blueskydreams


    “What the heck” is generally how I felt when I read Rewrite. I thought it was going to be like other KEY games and everything that they are known for. But then, when you getting to the routes, it dives into some bat-shit stuff and things that came completely out of left field. Due to the responses regarding the routes and my inability to wrap my head around what was going on, the only route I was able to read to the end was the Lucia route. To me, I felt that it had the least complicated story out of all of them and had some fantastic romantic moments. So yeah, I would say read Luica’s route.
  26. DarthSteel


    BEWARE SPOILERS! I never actually finished Rewrite (https://vndb.org/v751), it's easily my least favorite Key visual novel. The common route was decent enough, but where I really ran into problems was with the routes. The first route I played was Kotori's, which was really good - until the epilogue, where it just crashed and burned. I mean, those two had EARNED their happy ending, and she just dumps the protag into a hospital and never visits? Seriously pissed me off, but at least the route itself was pretty good. So then I played Chihaya's route, which turned out to be a lot more chunnibyou than I expect from Key, but it was still fun, and at least they got their happily ever-after. So then I went for my second favorite heroine in the game, Shizuru. Shizuru's route was absolute garbage, I was shocked. In Kotori and Chihaya's routes, the protag actually becomes pretty bad-ass, using his super powers to fight for the woman he loves. In Shizuru's route he's a freaking housewife who doesn't even TRY to support his girlfriend while she fights a damn war to save the planet, and then he runs off and gets himself killed, so Shizuru ends up almost dying to save him, except he can't even be saved, and the war is lost, so she spends years crying herself to sleep in a bunker to survive the end of the world while the protag turns into a tree. WHAT THE HECK? I had to look it up to make sure I hadn't gotten the bad end. Pissed me off so much I rage quit and never finished the rest of the game. So for anyone who's actually read the rest of Rewrite, are the other routes any better? I read one review that said the 3 routes I played were the worst in the game, but since he ranked Chihaya's route as the worst of all when I thought it was the best of the three, I'm rather hesitant to go back in.
  27. Toshibe

    New theory about NekoNyan

    I have 3 theory: 1- nekonyan staff are bots paid by sekai project or denpasoft to ruin self 2- the leader of nekonyan is nothing more and nothing less than... Monokuma, after danganronpa series comes to the end in V3 and kodaka-san left spike schunsoft, he lost his job and after job in some fast foods restaurant him decide make to fall in despair the delay joke and denpasoft staff. 3- A random dude from 2ch/4ch who only want troll us.
  28. Yes exactly, the physical release will be after the digital release because we still had to sort things out with Yuzusoft and other parties. We will inform you about how we want to handle it sometime soon.
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