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    Eyaculacion femeninas jovencitas

    its nice
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    vpn or proxy

    I will help you to choose vpn service. I use nord, hola vpns and recently found vpn for chrome on https://veepn.com/vpn-apps/vpn-for-chrome/ which is good for using an working in browser. I use it for playing browser games and working.
  5. kawako

    vpn or proxy

    I want to try to use some vpns
  6. kawako

    vpn or proxy

    hey guys, which is better to use vpn or proxy and why?
  7. badtownspeople

    Dungeon of Regalias ~Haitoku no Miyako Ishgalia~

    You have to use Textractor to open the game whenever you play it, because without Japanese emulation being turned on the game can't find its own files. Also textractor will think it has hooked the game when it opens it, but sometimes I find that after I have the game running, I need to fully close textractor, then open it again and have it hook the game again in order to actually start getting text.
  8. Mallas femeninas culo deporte.
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  13. noahhill

    Performance in Sankaku Ren'ai

    Senior Security Architect
  14. JoshuaDaymn

    Anticellulite NY

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  16. glupak

    HaremKingdom by Smee

    +1 for this. Fureraba was great and I think this one will be liked as well. Making lovers was also good.
  17. badtownspeople

    Dungeon of Regalias ~Haitoku no Miyako Ishgalia~

    I can see this is an old thread, but just in case anyone finds it off of google, I feel like it might help to answer Punlord's Question: It took me a while to find the fix. The problem is, a North American system's "Windows Install Guard" can't handle files that have Japanese names. So when you installed it, a lot of the files didn't get installed, including the one its mad it can't find. The solution: Step1: Go to the folder you were installing from. The one that has "setup" in it. Copy all the files, and paste them into the folder you installed to. It's a silly problem and it has a silly solution. Step 2: Get Textractor. You need it, or some other program that is capable of Emulating a Japanese Locale when you run the game. The added advantage of using Text tractor is that it can put the game in English for you.,
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  20. MaterialPackage

    Making Lovers mistranslation

    Making Lovers R18 1.02 Saki Route - Growing Closer 01 Here's a transcript of the second half: 普段は何時ごろまで起きてるのかとか I think it should be 'until around what time are you still up' or something along those lines. https://i.imgur.com/CB2YayQ.jpg He even addresses it soon after they meet up. https://i.imgur.com/H5pzLhq.jpeg I included the voice line in case I understood it wrong.
  21. can someone teach me how to install the Hello Goodbye 18+ patch to the files
  22. Sterpein

    Tenshin Ranman Lucky or Unlucky!?

    I know Nekonyan has already localized some VNs from Yuzusoft, but since this one is older I fear they wouldn't bother to translate it, which is why I feel the need to post it. Yes, I know that SP announced it in 2015 but we haven't heard anything since then and if I remember correctly that was also when they announced Senran Banka and in the end NekoNyan were the ones that took the project, but they haven't said anything in regards of Tenshin Ranman Lucky or Unlucky!? which leads me to assume they don't plan or want to bring this VN to the west too, which would be a shame and personally Tenshin Ranman Lucky or Unlucky!? is what made me discover Yuzusoft in the first place some years ago. Am I really the only one that would like to have Tenshin Ranman Lucky or Unlucky!? translated as well? It doesn't matter the time it would take, I just wish we had a confirmation of whether they will later on or they will really never translate it. Also since NN has the rights for Yuzusoft tiles now I believe that SP wouldn't be able to release it themselves anymore even if they wanted.
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  26. I was looking back at a few things because I remember Amairo*Islenauts having a fan translation team. The original translation team doesn't exist anymore but someone tried reviving it in 2019 and apparently NekoNyan specifically asked them to stop. I wonder if that means we can expect more older Yuzusoft games. Really loved Noble Works and would love to see older Yuzusoft games translated, especially Amairo*Islenauts since I remember sitting there painstakingly trying to translate the game myself due to my interest for it. Any games you all are looking for/what do you guys think.
  27. Xeyleve

    +18 Patch Riddle Joker

    Sorry, everything is fine. I was irritated, because the H-Scene option button isn,t showing up, but the scene work perfectly fine.
  28. Xeyleve

    +18 Patch Riddle Joker

    Hi, I have a problem with installing the +18 Patch. The instuctions says, that the installation wouldn't work on the all-aged Steam version. Now comes my question. How do i download the non all-aged steam version? I've enabled all shopsettings, reguarding the adult games. Sincerly
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